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13 December 2015

Great Commission Church of God


This list contains links to other Church of God Web sites and Special Interest sites. If you know of a page which you feel should be listed here, please send us the URL.

NOTE: The presence of a LINK does not imply affiliation with the Great Commission Church of God nor does the Church nessesarily embrace all of the doctrines or practices of these organizations. These links are presented here as a service to the users of this site.

Church of God & Other Sabbath Keeping Organizations

Association for Christian Development
Bible Study Web Site (You have questions - The Bible has answers)
Biblical Calendar Proof (Don Roth)
Canadian Church of God
Christian Educational Ministries
Christian Biblical Church of God
Church of God, Terre Haute
Church of God, International
Church of God Outreach Ministry
Church of God Restored
Church of the Great God
Giving & Sharing
Sabbath Day Church of God
The Bible Sabbath Association
The Church of God
The Good News Magazine
The True Christian
Truth On The Web
United Christian Ministries
United Church of God

Other Web Sites of Interest

Biblical Archaeology Society
Bible Gateway
Blue Letter Bible
Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi
Steven M. Collins
Victor Kubik's Homepage
Virtual Christian Magazine
The Vatican

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