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From our humble beginning as an independent Church of God ministry in the fall of 2000, our work has changed considerably. We began as a "house church", then grew to co-pastor a small, local congregation in the beautiful state of Colorado, USA. We also began using the Internet to increase the scope of our work.

In 2003, we were contacted by a woman representing a group of rural Kenyans, looking for someone to teach them God's Word. In May of that year, we agreed to pastor what would become the Great Commission Church of God in Manyatta, Kenya.

From that humble beginning over 20 years ago, we have grown and now serve six congregations in Kenya. In addition to Manyatta, we now serve groups in Kisumu in the west on the shore of Lake Victoria, and on the Indian Ocean coast in Mombasa, Kilifi, and Lamu. These last three were already part of another Church of God organization, but were abandoned and left without a minister several years ago. Of the 138 attending those three congregations, 78 have a solid Church of God background from childhood and family. The Kisumu congregation is a few years old and has now grown to 19 baptized members, plus their children.

UPDATE: We've inherited a seventh congregation! In June of 2023, we were asked by Fred Coulter of the Christain Biblical Church of God to look in on a congregation in Migori, formerly with the CGI organization. Their leader said he represents 33 scattered members in Migori, Rongo, and parts in between.

Weekly Sabbath Services: Due to health issues, we are no longer be able to host local weekly Sabbath services. We suggest joining us for Live Services with the nice folks at the Christian Biblical Church of God every Saturday at 1:30 PM (Pacific) 4:30 PM (Eastern) UTC 20:30.

DONATIONS: Even if you can only spare a few dollars, the brethren we minister to in Kenya can sure use your help. Thank you!
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