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Last Updated:
27 December 2022

Great Commission Church of God


Gregorian Year Passover Days of Unleavened Bread Pentecost Feast of Trumpets Day of Atonement Feast of Tabernacles Last Great Day
2022 Apr 15 Apr 16-22 June 5 Sep 26 Oct 5 Oct 10-16 Oct 17
2023 Apr 5 Apr 6-12 May 28 Sep 16 Sep 25 Sep 30-Oct 6 Oct 7
2024 Apr 22 Apr 23-29 June 16 Oct 3 Oct 12 Oct 17-23 Oct 24
2025 Apr 12 Apr 13-19 June 1 Sep 23 Oct 2 Oct 7-13 Oct 14
2026 Apr 1 Apr 2-8 May 24 Sep 12 Sep 21 Sep 26-Oct 2 Oct 3
2027 Apr 21 Apr 22-28 June 13 Oct 2 Oct 11 Oct 16-22 Oct 23

All days begin the evening before, at sunset. The Passover service is observed the evening before, after sunset.

For more information on this calendar system, you'll want to check out "Why We Use the Hebrew Calendar" by Ron Dart or view a collection of Calendar Articles on the Christian Biblical Church of God website and while you're there, try their Holy Day Calendar Generator.

For a detailed explanation of God's Calendar, plus another excellent Holy Day Calendar Generator, visit Don Roth's Biblical Calendar Proof website.

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